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Amend quiet hours for SMS

Please consider amending the quiet hours for the morning to allow for texts to be sent by 8am.

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We have adjusted our quiet hour settings while still keeping you compliant with the TCPA. Quiet hours are between 8:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m., depending on the time zone you selected in My Account.


Messages to SMS phone numbers outside of your time zone are prevented from receiving SMS messages during quiet hours for that time zone, based on the area code of the phone number.


Hello, looking at the thread, it appears that the subject of opening the SMS quiet hours began in February. Is there any progress with this, or can you provide a status that would encourage those of us waiting for the change? By changing the quiet hours, we hope to operate more efficiently. Many of us are not selling products but providing a public service to large communities or organizations. 
I'm not trying to speak for everyone who posted, but I’m sure many of us who posted would be willing to contribute to an online meeting regarding this topic. 


We are a parent organization that supports a School. We use constant contact to send information about events. We added the SMS to our account berceuse we were told that we would be able to send messages to our parents instantly. We are not marketing to our parent's, but telling them to come pick their kids up, the football game is almost over. Please let the organization set their own quite hours and face their own legal battles.  


Our fitness club needs to notify members about delayed opening. our usual opening is at 6:30am. If, for example, there is a snowstorm at 3am and we will be delayed in opening, we need to be able to notify them between 3am and 6am.  similarly, we are open until midnight.  we need to be able to contact our members all 24 hours.


We are a religious organization and frequently send text reminders or announcement for services that start as early as 9 am and 10:30 am. Being restricted to sends after 11 am is quite useless as service has already commenced. Why would we want to send them a reminder at that time? If we could send as early as 8 or 9 am, that would be the most helpful. We do no product or service marketing and operate as a non-profit with essentially no financial incentives. We use CC as a way to distribute information to our congregation, not for any business reasons. Please amend quiet hours or we will regrettably need to use another service.

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I've commented before in Septemer regarding the quiet hours. It's ridiculous that the quiet hours only are on Eastern Time. Also, not everyone is sending promotional emails.


There are no explicit federal laws outlining quiet hours for promotional text messages. TCPA and FCC guidance suggests that text messages should not be sent before 8 am and after 9 pm in the recipient's local time zone. CC's SMS is not by time zone. And again not available for organization's that are only using it to inform people coming to an event or meeting of road closures, etc.


Since I cannot get a reply from Constant Contact (I assume they don't monitor this forum), I will have to change to a different service. 

We are a church and want to alert people if services and other programs are cancelled due to storms, etc. We will not be using the service for marketing purposes at all, just for informational texts. Please let us send texts starting at 8am, the SMS service is useless as it stands.

We really need the quiet hours amended. Sometimes we need to cancel services at the last minute or send urgent message to our  congregation after 5 pm for volunteers needed. Quiet hours are very frustrating when we can't get the word out for an important evening message.


We are using CC to reach our workers and really need the quiet hours to be adjusted. We live in MST so if they are set by EST that is a problem for us.


We are in Mountain Standard Time. The SMS quiet time doesn't work well for us. We need to send texts between 7 am and 9 pm MST.

Can I change the quite time for sending text messages?
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