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Anchors to Use for Table of Contents

We use a vertical format for our newsletter which can get pretty long.


The ability to create a 'table of contents' of sorts would be a feature some recipients have suggested. 

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Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

Hello @MikeH15 ,


Anchor links, as an industry-wide practice, are defunct since the vast majority of email clients (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) will typically spam filter emails containing these, or won't allow them to work on both their desktop and mobile app clients.


If you're still wanting a "Table of Contents" for your email, you can set up a standard text block and type the name of the different sections of your email. Of course, please bear in mind that emails are more likely to be spam filtered or simply cut off midway in most email clients, if they go past a certain length (depends on the email client).


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