Change background color by column

1) I would like to suggest having an option to have a sidebar for the generation 3 templates. This would make it easier to organize newsletter.

2) I would also love to edit the rows a little more. For example, being able to change the color of one section and having a different color for the other section. 

3) Having a vertical divider would also be helpful in distinguishing between 2 sections within the same row


Ditto, I need this too.


Here's another vote to please add a feature that allows different/custom color blocks to coexist in the same row. Thanks!

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I agree, we definitely need the option to have blocks in the same row with different background colours. Vertical dividers would be great too. 

Why hasn't this been addressed yet? My employer specifically asked for a "side bar" of a different color to feature other information.
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So we did get the vertical divider, FINALLY, that was mentioned in the original post. Can someone from CC address the question of whether the background color issue is even being considered or if it's something that has been ruled off the table? This has been under discussion for over a year so it seems like some update is really called for!

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It would be OUTSTANDING if you can apply a full image as a background to the ENTIRE inner area of a design.  Then being able to add images, text, buttons on top of the image vs only being able to use the colors you have available.  Additionally, then being able to have transparency be applied would be AWESOME..  Hop to it (lol)....

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I appreciate that you can drag a layout with a white next to coloured column. However it'd like to then have another two column row below it but be able to have a different coloured column to the one above. Changing the colour of one column changes the coloured column above. For example: I'd like a white column next to a beige column, then below I'd like a light blue column then a white one. Better still it'd be great to be able to create your own columns (with dividers) and colour each with any colour you like.

Constant Contact Partner

If you have two or more images in one groups, color selection for each image as oppose to one color for entire group.  Same with image and text. Also border around text or image. 


I seriously wish your template editor would be more user-friendly and design-friendly. I hope I can upload an image on the header that will allow me to still add text, add a button and add another image over the header. 


The Change Background by Column does not work by using the instructions.  When I click on the gear of the second column it changes the color of the first column.

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