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I find the new way of searching for contacts very difficult. I don't understand all the ways you can find them. I just want to insert the name and have it pop up - not look for how I can get it to pop up
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Hi @TerryJ4. Could you explain a little more about how you were thinking the search would work? Did you hit "Enter" after inputting your search term?


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Yes. I just tried it again, and it worked.  What had happened before was, I was looking for a customer, plugged in her name and nothing came up.  I did that with several other people and the same thing happened.  I just couldn’t find the customer.  Today I tried it, and names came up.  Maybe I didn’t qualify the column?  I’m not sure.

I'm glad to hear that hitting enter works and yes, you will need to make sure the dropdown for search is pulling in the right field. If you see this happen again with contacts not populating after selecting the search criteria, please let us know!

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