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Need a way to copy an existing contact and save it with a different email. We email people at the same company and all the information is the same except the email address, it would make it a lot faster. Or be able to have multiple emails address saved for a contact. 

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Hello @PrinceMarketing ,


Since email addresses are what denote unique contacts for the sake of billing, reporting, and emailing / anti-spam compliance, contacts cannot have multiple email addresses associated with them. You can technically have additional email addresses listed as custom fields, but this wouldn't apply to any normal emailing or billing functionality like the actual contact email address.


Generally speaking, if you're going to be importing multiple contacts with all the same info except email address, then we'd advise using the one of the following import methods:

  • type/paste multiple - copy and paste the info as needed into the applicable cells
  • or file import - use your preferred spreadsheet program to mass-duplicate entire rows of contact fields, then replace the email address cells as needed.
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