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hi i like the idea you have to intergrade with meta services and so on but i think it might be a good idea to be able to implement this also with tiktok and pintrest as these two are big social media platforms as well.

this way its easy to use all major social media platforms from one place this also makes it easier to send the same style of posts and marketing in one go instead of just doing a copy and paste and trying to reformat to the others to make it work right

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Hello @ThomasB4675 ,


Since videos sent through our system for emails requires the video be hosted in a different system - either a video hosting site or cloud drive - what capabilities would you be wanting from having TikTok as an option in the social inbox tool? What capabilities available within the native TikTok app would you want to have available in the social inbox tool?


Regarding Pinterest, would you be expecting a posting system similar to the one currently available for Instagram, or would you expect it to operate significantly different? What other capabilities would you be wanting that are Pinterest-specific, compared to other image/media hosting platforms?


For pontrest just to be able to post like the instagram and Facebook so it's easier to send sane posts to each social media and for tik tok just being able to send videos and such directly to it I'm kinda new to all this but was just seeing if it was possible to be able to track all interactions with the posts in one place so I can see what posts are doing better and maybe able to have say link forms such as sign up forms and so on to pintrest and tiktok as an added feature not sure if you can do that but I hope in the near future it can be done 


In short I think one place to get all stats and to see what is doing best in all platforms in one spot and be able to synce forms and all posts from one place to keep consistency across all platforms for social media


And maybe be able to make a blog that's searchable 

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Please add Google My Business and Pinterest.


Thank you

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