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Drag and drop campaigns into folders

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Very disappointed that you drastically changed the format for your Campaigns. The visual layout and functionality of the previous system was much more user-friendly. And the drag and drop option was a great feature as well. Change for the sake of change is not always a good move... Hiding the folders just makes it more confusing and harder to find things. -- 

Campaign Collaborator
Hola! Interacting with the new list view of campaigns for the first time, I find that it is not efficient. To put my campaigns into their respective folders, now, instead of simply dragging and dropping, it requires FOUR clicks to get the campaign into it's folder. My vote is to change it back to where there's a column of folders on the left to drag and drop into. Enjoy your weekend!

I couldn't agree more with the comments on the folders. It used to be so easy to see them all and be able to drag your campaigns into the folders. Please consider  reverting back!

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