Easier way to delete large number of images in Library

When I have 400 files and I want to delete some of these, I appear to need to click through many many screens to get anywhere. This is just one problem in the user experience that desperately needs changing. A list of 100 would be more acceptable.

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Add a 'Show ALL' button. Rather than make us 'Show more' only.
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It would be nice to have an option to go right to the oldest library items. Rather than Show More, Show More, Show more, etc. Get the idea!
Could you make it possible to have the option of listing library items in reverse order of date added? That would make it easier to delete the oldest items. I know we have that option for our "publications," so maybe it wouldn't be that hard at your end to have that option for the library, too. Thanks for your consideration.
There should be a way to get to the oldest image first instead of the most recent. When trying to delete images, it is painstaking to do it the way the files are set up. Thanks for your attention.

Directions say that a box will appear when you click on an image, giving you an option to delete it. When I right click on an image, the box only offers open, save, copy, etc.--no delete. Then the directions say you can simply drag the image to the trash icon--but I do not have one at the top or at the lower left corner of the page. I need to delete some old images!

very difficult to delete old photos. can only choose 7 at time? of 6000???
Out of storage room but no way to sort in chronological order to be able to delete oldest images first without scrolling through thousands of images. thanks
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Funny, I just started to work on the image library this morning and also can't see a way to sort these chronologically from oldest to newest. Either I'm missing something or this is clearly a problem with Constant Contact!!!

I wish there was a way to order images from old to new so that I could easily delete outdated images from our account.
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Please make it easier to delete several photos. Currently the system takes you back to the beginning. You can only do one at a time. Also it would be preferable to have a search in the library, on the left, so you can find a photo on the fly while preparing documents.
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