[Events 2.0] Ability to make only one ticket type required

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I've been a long time user of Constant Contact and the events system. Prior to the upgrade/update, it was great. Worked exactly how I needed it to. The new version is missing what I think are key functions for a successful event. I'm not totally convinced that this will work for us long term now. 


1. Sending email when someone registers - the new system doesn't email me when someone registers for my event. The only way I know someone has registered is because a PayPal email is triggered as payment is required. I have to login and basically print out the information and save it somewhere. Past legacy events would email me specifically with all the information the registrant submitted - "xxx person has registered for your event!". This seems like a function that everyone would want or need.


2. Fee options - We use different fee levels depending on how many people register for our events. Ex. the first person = $500, any additional from same company = $400.  There is no way to make one a requirement and others optional. I labeled the ticket as "this fee is required", but it isn't actually - I just have to hope for the best. The legacy events required that the first person is always certain a amount, the new system lists all ticket options as available to anyone.  A quote I got back from CC with a past question was "It's as close to legacy as what we offer and is how our new system is intended to work. I know this doesn't solve for the problem that someone could try to purchase only the "additional registrants" ticket".  


3. Promo code location - the location of where the promo code submission is at is hard to find and easily overlooked because it's not in an intuitive spot in my opinion. Multiple people registering for our events have missed it. I believe it would be better if it was listed under the Order Summary or underneath the ticket options.


I think the new event system is good - I don't mind change.  I just think there are some important system functions that hinder me from giving this the stamp of approval. 


Hello @Jessica.Williams ,


  1. This is an option you toggle when setting up your event's basics.
  2. Our devs are already working on ways to enhance the current registration / ticket experience in regards to this. I've tracked the feature request to this thread since there isn't currently any dedicated feedback thread for this request.
  3. The place to enter in the promotion code is directly above where ticket selections are. Currently, this is the most ideal location, as the promo code text box is also where codes to reveal hidden tickets, including for events that are otherwise unable to be registered for (see available hidden tickets) without a particular code.
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