[Events 2.0] Export registrant data, Include Registration Fields in the Registrant Export

There should be a way to export the complete registration data from the Events platform.  The current method of copying the data from the screen and pasting into a spreadsheet is STUPID and far below what I have come to expect from Constant Contact.


When I create the event, all registration data should be stored in a contact list that captures ALL registration information from the registration page.

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Exporting registrant info in full is available in Events 2.0.


We set up a registration for an event and asked two additional questions to capture additional information. However, it appears now that we are unable to export the full information when we download the registrant list. ie, the information in the CSV file only includes the name, email address and when they registered. Constant Contact informs me it is impossible for me to export the rest of the information we collected. If we want it, we need to go into each individual record to see it. What is the point of allowing our registrations to collect this other information if we can't capture it to analyze later?


This used to be an option in the previous version of Constant Contact - to export the 'full' list. I am stunned that such a simple thing would be removed. Unfortunately, this is just one more thing in a long list of the ways that Constant Contact has become less functional to us. So frustrating!

Not all fields are included in the export function for the Beta Events feature. It would be handy to have the information easily accessible rather than clicking into each registration. 


The Beta version of the events module is missing key features that the legacy version includes, most notably, I've turned on information fields that CC has created as options (eg. Company,  Phone number) and I also set up additional questions that a registrant needs to respond to job title, and another custom question) and NONE of these are produced in the reporting!

Unless there is a Custom Report feature that I've missed, this is now information that I have to locate in each individual profile of the registrant.

In the Legacy events module, you have 2 options for your reports, a quick summary report, or a custom detailed report where you select which additional fields you need included in the results.  This is a big feature oversight in the Beta, and one that I hope will be rectified quickly.

Status changed to: Planned

How soon?  This is an incredible lapse and one I didn't realize I should even have to ask for.  This is event management 101 - Does anyone have a work around?  I need to be able to review all participant data prior to the events?  I'm going to have to pause using this platform immediately if this fix isn't coming before the end of the year - I can't go into 2024 like this.  Thanks for any insights, work arounds that you have - I can get the name and email into a spreadsheet, but nothing else meaningful. 


For some reason, Event --> Registrants --> ExportScreen Shot 2023-10-11 at 8.21.28 PM.png 

Only exports the following fields:

First Name

Last Name

Email Address

Registration Status

Payment Status

Registration Date




For this event, we have several custom fields that we are using to gather data within our event registrations - however the only way we can get the custom fields is for me to click on each event ticket and click "View Registration ..." and look at the data there manually.


This is painful even with just a few registrations.  Would love for all of the custom fields to get exported as part of the export process.


When I make something required in my registrations, I expect to be able to run a report that has that in the ultimate Excel spreadsheet.  Right now I have to go through each individual registration to extract the data I need.  This, and many other aspects of this new platform are not user friendly at all, and I will be looking elsewhere for my business.  Your old platform were at least tolerable.

I made company a required field for my registration, but when i export the list it does not have a column for it. Can that be added? I do not need the cost for a free event. Thank you.


How do I get to the Legacy Events? 


I joined CC for a new organization because I have used it in the past for big galas.  I did all the work for registration and landing page and now find out I can't export the estimated 1000+ registrants for the event.


We haven't been able to extract our registration data either - I had no idea.  Fortunately, I discovered this before our 1000 person event - so sorry this happened to you!  If you hear anything, please let me know - we are migrating in January if this isn't resolved.   

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