[Events 2.0] Global Limit Of Registrants When Multiple Ticket Types Are Offered

Good afternoon We give in person courses. If I setup a ticket for the full price, and I create a ticket for an "early registration" fee, which gives them a discount for signing up early, each ticket has a max tickets sold amount. Is there a way to make a max tickets sold for the event? The old platform had a Max registrations for the event. The new platform does not seem to have it. If it does not have it, any suggestions on how to make a max attendance so the event does not allow any more registrations so we do not go over the amount we can allow to sign up? Also, by setting up two separate tickets, the new platform shows both tickets available on check out. The old system showed the discounted price only until the date expired and than it showed the full price. Having both available does not make sense and is confusing.

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Thank you - the issue we were having was the software was counting visits to the registration form as registrations - so it was indicating we were sold out when we were well below our maximum - does this fix this problem? 


Hi @PeterT4965, thanks for your feedback. As I understand it, you are looking for the ability to set capacity groupings of multiple ticket types. 

  • Breakfast Adult and Breakfast Child - combined capacity of 40 
  • Lunch Adult and Lunch Child - combined capacity of 60 
  • Dinner Adult and Dinner Child - combined capacity of 80 

This is a good recommendation, and we will keep it in mind as we continue to iterate on this feature. Let me know if I've misunderstood your request. 


Hello @ArtA5. I am not familiar with this issue; we haven't heard it reported by other users. If you are experiencing this issue, please contact our support team so they can raise a defect with our engineering teams. 


Visits should not count towards your registration counts for free or paid events. We should be excluding canceled and abandoned registrations form these limits; please contact us to let us know if you're seeing differently. 

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented
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