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I get it. One sign up, One response. Buy why not allow us to select that response from the email list? Your imposing a structure that means i have to rebuild the entire email with in the automation area with no ability just to select an email all ready designed. Why would you do that? Your just making it harder for me to scale and upgrade? Its the same. One Sign Up, One response. This way we can do way much more so we CAN upgrade. Please make these changes. Thank you
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Hi @user5745352. A support agent and I did some testing and we were able to create automations for a welcome email with a copied email. You'll see some drafts in there from today which were created by us so you can ignore those.  When you click on the draft in the edit flow, you'll see a pop-up as seen below where you can copy an existing email.





To make sure I'm understanding you correctly, is this what you were looking to do?


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