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More control over background image

The background pattern automatically tiling, and not providing an option to use an image of your choice to span the width of the email/newsletter is frustrating. A tiled photo in a newsletter that you want to look professional is unattractive and looks outdated. A solution to this would be helpful.

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Hi everyone, the good news is in our updated editor does allow users to have control over the tiling of their background image. If any users are now experiencing the images appearing incorrectly please share with us  the image URL from your library, a screenshot of what you are seeing, and the email client being used so we may troubleshoot further.


Hi @PaulC66 having more control over your background images like this is a feature request we are currently collecting feedback on. We apologize at this time we do not have a time estimate of when this will be available. We have however merged your post into a larger thread on this idea. The more requests this thread receives, the higher of a priority it can be given by our Product Team.

Campaign Collaborator

I understand that styling emails is non-trivial, but it can't be impossible.  You presumeably have a team of developers that should be able to come up with something. 


As a work-around, could you at least just let us upload an image of a sufficient width (bigger than 800px) and just not tile it  ie: the equivqent of background-repeat: no-repeat? 


Option 2: Wrap the entire email in a table and put the background image on the table .. or the cell .. or as an absolutely placed image in the table cell.  Wouldn't something like that work?

Campaign Contributor

Please either figure out the proper dimensions for the background of an email or provide perfect photos for backgrounds.  I'd pay for the right background but now am forced to tile with no ability to choose how.  It's a great feature but needs help.


I agree that if you could specify the dimension for a background image that would be helpful. 


I am in agreement that the tiling is unattractive. Having the ability to have a .jpg flood the background is ideal


Please fix the tiling issue.  Thank you. 

Campaign Contributor

4 years 3 months from original post, still an issue, c'mon CC, fix this issue!

Campaign Contributor

How about just giving us a host of photos that will work on the background.  Even if I have to buy them it's better than the nightmare that exists.

Campaign Contributor

Even the Stock photos that you can buy @ $8/picture don't fit, i've bought 2 of them so far expecting them to fill up the entire background but they tiled like every other picture. 

Constant Contact Partner

Still hoping for a fix! 

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