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It would be great to have the ability to authenticate multiple domains using DKIM. Our school operates multiple divisions, each with their own domain name. I would love the ability to authenticate from all of them as opposed to just one. I'm sure other people would be interested in this feature as well. 




Previously we could send email FROM any email address once verified that we own the email address in question. Currently we are required to authenticate our core domain name to be able to continue to send FROM. If we have multiple core domain names we currently can't continue to send FROM all of these domain names. As a feature upgrade, authentication for multiple domain names (FROM sending) within each account should be enabled ASAP. Thank you!

Constant Contact Partner

Agreed. Very disappointed to learn that CTCT no longer allows sending from multiple domains, even after so many people have expressed the need. If adding an account for each department, product, or service sounds like a nightmare, there are some other platforms that allow multiple authenticated domains on one account.


Just another existing customer who is adding our support/call to all the other constant contact clients requesting the ability to be able to use more that one domain on our existing account without needing to set up different accounts.  (This ability used to be possible a number of years ago). As many others have noted, this is not in any way user friendly when, like ourselves, some companies have different domains within their company.  This is the type of issue that another email marketing solutions provider will pick up on (if there is not one already providing this solution) and will end up potentially losing you clients or at minimum have disappointed clients.   I don't even think its an issue of cost, we for one would be happy to pay an additional monthly fee (even per domain) to have the convenience of being able to add more than 1 domain to our account.   Surely, given this is something that been requested by some clients for at least over the past 4 years, management of Constant Contact could look at re-implementing this feature sooner than later (I expect it is not a particularly challenging undertaking technically) and would result in happier customers and additional revenue stream for you!   In the meantime, despite being otherwise happy with Constant Contact, I will now be looking at what other options are out there, and hopefully find one that does allow more than 1 domain.


Yes, please! We have two brands we promote using this account and now the second domain that we can't authenticate is going to spam. It feels like we got railroaded. Although I knew the email authentication was coming, I didn't know it would be limited to one domain and wasn't prepared. Constant Contact must've known how many clients this would affect and that we'd feel the need to add more paid accounts. Hope they come up with options soon!


FYI: This "Multi Domain DKIM Authentication" community string was first started in 2020. At that time authentication of custom domain names wasn't available at Constant Contact but was a requested, optional feature. Customers could still utilize multiple custom domain names within 1 account when sending emails.


In early 2024 Google and Yahoo started requiring email authentication. As a result Constant Contact required that all custom domain names be authenticated, to continue using them, but failed to accommodate for accounts which were utilizing more than 1 custom domain. Currently we are limited to authenticating only 1 custom domain per account and as such we are limited to use of 1 custom domain. "" can also be utilized but this is not good branding in most cases. 


One option is to buy separate accounts to accommodate each custom domain name. This is impractical, time wasting and far more costly than alternative competing products where only 1 account is needed and paid for. While this "Multi Domain DKIM Authentication" string was first started in 2020, as of 2024 the issue is not a lack of DKIM Authentication but how accounts are now being restricted due to only 1 authentication being possible.


We are looking for the same functionality of multiple domain authentication. I run a small business and have client domains I need to authenticate. Now, we're trying to find a workaround, and it would simply be easier for Constant Contact to set up multiple domain authentication. Setting  up a separate account would mean years of emails sent to clients are lost and we would have to reinvent every email we send out and re-upload our contact lists. Not a great way to spend our time. Please, please consider this functionality ASAP. I know I'm not the only one in this boat.😀

Our small non-profit charity has two domains and we've been customers of CC for a decade. Our need to be able to self-authenticate the second domain is likely to lead us to another e-mail marketing service. We are paying enough for the CC account as it is.

Campaign Contributor


I realize that we're all at the mercy of Google, but the self-authentication layers for authenticating domains is truly maddening, and your clients count on you to make this stuff as seamless as possible.  It is anything but that.

Please make the following improvements:

1. Allow multiple authenticated domains. 

There is no logical reason why an account owner shouldn't be able to utilize multiple authenticated domains to send emails. Please change this. It's especially frustrating that we can't authenticate the Constact Contact ccsend domain while we're waiting for our own domain to populate. I don't want to use ccsend, but I have emails I have to get out. I then have at least 48 hours that I'm hung up, unable to send anything, until mine populates. Not okay. 

2. Simplify the authentication process.
You guys pitch yourselves to small businesses. Most of us don't have dedicated IT departments, and are either then forced to spend time we don't have wading into the complexities of changing DNS files (and the ensuing worry that comes from not doing this all the time and being concerned we'll do something that will mess up the DNS such that our websites will be compromised) or we're forced to spend $$ on external IT contractors to do it for us. Also not okay. 

This should be on you, and the DNS hosts, and Google and Yahoo and whomever is making everyone jump hoops to solve. It's another death by a thousand cuts moment for small businesses, where using web and email tools that are increasingly expensive simultaneously and harder to use. 

I'm crabby, and I (mostly) apologize for my crabbiness. But please, help us out, here. You say you're our ally. We need you to really be one, and push back on our behalf.

Thank you.


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