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Multi-factor authentication for accounts

When are you going to bring in 2 factor authentication. I think you should as its quite important!!!

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @PAULH30,


Thank you for your feedback. This is an excellent idea. I'm going to take this back to our design team. I'm also going to open this page for voting so that other customers can voice their feedback too.



Rob L.


We are having the same issue. Since Constant Contact does not offer 2 Factor do you recommend a workaround including a third party vendor?


Over the last week, I've seen multiple phishing attacks using what appear to be compromised Constant Contact accounts.  It's possible accounts have been compromised through password spraying or using credentials that have been obtained from other breaches (password reuse).


Since Constant Contact is considered a trusted platform, phishing emails may bypass some of the usual controls.


While 2FA isn't a panacea, it prevents accounts from being easily compromised using the methods I mentioned above.


2FA at a minimum. We would love to use SAML authentication so we can integrate with our identity management provider and their 2fa options/policies.


I agree, having the option to use SAML would help with access management.  Having the option to require SAML would be a plus.


Hi -- it's been almost a year since this thread was opened. Does Constant Contact offer an option yet for 2FA?


I would like to suggest that two-factor authentication support be added to your product.  Our account was recently hacked and an embarrassing was sent out.  


We need to secure our environment beyond username and password.



Any updates on two-factor? This has become a deal breaker for us, but we'd rather not go through the work of switching providers.

It would be a very neat feature if we could have 2 factor authentication for logging in.
Campaign Contributor

2FA should be implemented as soon as possible. As one of the larger email marketing providers and therefore a target, this must be a priority for constant contact. We will be forced to move to a different company if its not brought in soon, our customer list is too valuable. 

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