Need more template options

You should have more templates for the different Holidays available or a plain text option


You have many Canadian clients but I never see any Canadian themed holiday templates, (i.e.I Canada dat, Mat 24th weekend, different Thanksgiving, Boxing Day, family Day in February,


Most of your templates are retail oriented how about some B to B templates and a little more modern looking/contemporary.


Send a customer an email that doesn't look like a solicitation! Clueless re: template change

Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @DonD165 are you receiving  emails through our system that appears to be solicitation? Or are you looking for a different type of email campaigns to send your contacts?


Reply from @DonD165:

I went back through 3 mos. of trash emails, which is how long I save before
purging! This all started when we went to do a draft of our weekly
information that's sent to all of our members, only to find that it wasn't
available. I was told that when calling in that an email had been sent
explaining the change, to which I don't have. I got lucky and got a very
knowledgeable person yesterday that led me through the whole process of
creating a new template, after talking the night before to someone with a
whole lot less knowledge and customer service skills that weren't up to
par, scaled with the latter.

Campaign Contributor

I want a plain template like I used for years and years once a week on your. site before I had to update my computer and start from scratch and be deprived of "previous template' which was always the same and EXACTLY what I want.  I don't want pictures, animations, advertising, cute crap or anything but a white rectangle to present my week's programming in script like a letter like I used to be able to have her for years.


Roy Tuckman


Hi @RoyT625 thank you for sharing this feedback with us! Have you tried using our Basic Letter template? This email template does not automatically come with designs or any animations. Does this template fit your needs? In the meantime I have merged your comment into a thread focused on requesting more template options.

so terribly sad that I spent years enjoying doing a monthly newsletter and then you dropped my ability to brand the way I was used to... and what my clients enjoyed- that is a beautiful email. now it feels trite.
Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @KeshaE9 we're sorry to hear this! How are you looking to brand your monthly newsletter? What abilities are you looking for that might not currently be available?


Reply from @KeshaE9 

Hi there and thanks for your email. For several years, I've had the same
template that is no longer available. It had stars in the background. If
you're able to see my account, you'd be able to notice that everything has
changed. Emails are short, and very difficult for this non-techy person to
figure out. Used to take me 2 hours tops to construct an email... and now
that it's "shortened" it actually takes almost all day. Perhaps I'm a slow
learner... but not sure that I'm adding any value to my list anymore.

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