Need more template options

You should have more templates for the different Holidays available or a plain text option

I've been created e-mails for my company for 3 years using Constant Contact and I figured there must be a place to find new templates considering the ones in our list have never been updated. I was upset to discover that CC doesn't update templates unless we pay an additional fee. We have tens of thousands of contacts that we pay good money to mail to every month. I would think that there would be some updates for the amount of money we've paid over the years. Very unhappy.
Campaign Contributor

I would like to add that we used to be able to see dozens of choices by typing in a keyword or choosing from categories. Those options are now gone. So even if you have template options we can't find them.

Campaign Expert

I've been using CC for a number of years now.  There used to be more variety in the templates and more of them.  Would like to see more B:B templates, product oriented, etc.  I find them helpful as a starting point.

Campaign Collaborator
Your templates are so old and outdated! Why don't you add new ones? Why do I have to see Christmas and New Year's and any other holiday that is not current? It's depressing!! Can you guys do a little work over there? Stale! and Boring!!!
Campaign Collaborator
You cant even center images because template have OLD coding system. LAZY COMPANY
Campaign Contributor

Also super disappointed on the lack of template designs, I've also been using CC for years, and the same templates are the only ones I've seen for the last 2 years. Do you have a template design team? 


Campaign Contributor

I helped someone set up a  new CC account recently and noted while working in their account that I was able to search a little more effectively for templates. But it still sucked. 2 to 8 examples came up twice and then it was like it locked up and all options were gone. **bleep**? I don't know what to say about that. It used to be that we put in a keyword and dozens of templates came up. I assume they are in the system somewhere. why can't we find them???

you took out all the travel templates. you use to have them why did you take them out? you have all other kinds of industry why not put travel back in? i may disconnect my account
Marketing Legend

Holidays are upon us and would love to have templates for office closings on the major holidays to advise our clients when we're shut down. i.e., Memorial Day, July 4th, New Years Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Days, Christmas . . . Just sayin'.


Your standard templates have gotten boring. Anyway to create some new ones?
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