Not New idea - But Incorporate Existing Options from Legacy Event Site

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Many of us, longtime users of ConstantContact Event Registration solution are disappointed with this new version, especially since the legacy event product met many of our existing needs. I thought this new version would at minimum include options in the legacy and keep them or improve upon them. What I have seen to date, CC has been very slow to incorporate at least those options included in legacy program, which is making it difficult for many of us already launching 2024 programs to use and implement this new system. For example, the legacy event program would allow me to check a box to make sure I received an email every time someone registered.  I don't log into the system daily, so this feature was helpful. What was also helpful, the dashboard would show how many registrations were in the system, so you didn't have to click through if the number didn't change, that is not the case with this new program. Do we know when these existing features in the legacy program will be included in your "new" cumbersome version? This new product is lackluster to say the least. I do hope you have many upgrades to be released soon. 

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Hello @ElvinM ,


Please see existing [Events 2.0] Ideas threads if you'd like to vote and voice use cases on individual functionalities. For direct links on the topics mentioned:

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