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A short while ago, I finished a campaign and inadvertently sent our email early (I normally schedule it to go out at 12 AM) because the "Choose when to send" setting was defaulted to "Send Now." I could have sworn it was previously set to "Schedule for Later." In any event, I recommend that the default is set to "Schedule for Later." This will allow users to confirm their email content before actually sending it. 

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Hi @RachelO33. Thank you for the feedback. I understand how having this default setting would be useful when scheduling a campaign to send. I'll mark this request as Acknowledged. 


In the current new design, the default button is set to Send Out, and the Send Now button looks very similar to the Schedule button. Because of this, it is fairly easy for users to misclick. 


In the past, if I returned to a draft with a saved scheduled date and time, the button was by default Schedule but not Send Now; right now, the page prompts Send Now. There is another prompt after the send now button to avoid misclicks, but the current design is poorer in terms of preventing such instances.

Campaign Collaborator

Amen, to this!!! 90 to 95 percent of the time I schedule out newsletter to go out at a later time.  very rarely is it a send now situation. This almost got me today and a couple of other occasions. when setting up my Church's newsletter. If you don't want to change the default to schedule for later both options should be the default or at least a 5 minute delay incase you hit send now to give us a chance to cancel the campaign before it starts going out when you hit send now.  


Constant Contact Customer Service Representatives - Can you please respond with an update on this request. Please update the default so it is not SEND NOW. I am guessing that almost all of your clients would appreciate this change so they don't accidentally send out a communication early (when it is in draft format). Thank you!

Constant Contact Partner

The system automatically defaults to Send Now. The problem with that is that if I schedule a later time, then realize I need to edit something and do that, then come back to the schedule/send page, it reverts to Send Now. If you've already scheduled a time to send, your brain doesn't think it needs to go an extra step and click on a tab you've already clicked on. I have accidentally sent several emails ahead of the appropriate time.  And I know it's not just me - I have two assistants that have done the same thing several times. Not good.  

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