Schedule a campaign to send based on the contact's timezone

Allowing me to send out scheduled emails based on my customers time zone would be mazing.


Thank you!! 

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Other email marketing platforms have a feature where you can send emails to profiles based on their timezone. Ie. so everyone would get the email at 6pm, depending on their time zone, versus us sending an email at 6pm PST and folks in Toronto getting it at 9pm. This helps so that newsletters aren't sent all at once, as I know this can affect your emails being placed into junk folders etc. 


I have to send to east coast for delivery over the noon hour (when no one is looking at their inbox, so my message gets moved down the line, unseen, forever!) for west coast delivery shortly after 9:00 AM (say 9:20 AM, so those messages don't get buried down the line in the inbox before anyone out west gets to work!).  What about if I want to deliver to the west coast at 11:20 AM?  I have to deliver to east coast in the middle of the afternoon?  This is incredibly stupid!  What percent of the US population live in the Eastern & Pacific time zones?  Most of the population of the USA?

If you would just sort zip codes by time zone one time, it would be done forever, for all of your clients.  In the age of self driving cars, you can't sort zip codes by time zone one time?  (Hint, try using a computer, I bet it can do it!).

Know that I ALMOST DID NOT COME BACK TO CONSTANT CONTACT because of you not having this feature.  Brand X certainly has it.  If you don't get it soon, I will probably leave forever.  This is so simple to solve!  Please wake up, Constant Contact! 

Thanks for listening while I am still here with you.



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