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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

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Importing contacts. Get message that there are some number of unsubscribed contacts not allowed. No way to see what the email addresses of those unsubscribed contacts are, so no way to follow up.
Greetings: When I upload a mailing list, it would be nice to be able to see who didn't get uploaded because they're on the "unsubscribed" list.
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The old system had a report that showed why contacts could not be added due to unsubcribe status. Since we refresh our contacts quarterly from an Access data base, we used the report to update our data base so I did not try to reimport the contact over and over again! Please bring back the report as soon as possible
I miss being able to add a short list of email addresses to my contact list. We don't enter people individually with their names and other particulars. It was much handier when we could just past in a small batch of addresses all at once.
I'm no longer able to export the unsubscribe errors from the activity tab after I have imported them into an email list. I really, really need this function back. I need to identify these specific unsubscribed contacts so I can remove them from my source file from which I imported them from. Now I'll have to do manually review my import file to the new exported email list and find them. This will take me a lot of time which I do not have. I'm very, very busy. Please put this functionality back in the activity tab. Thanks.
When updating CC database from in house database, we're told there are unsubscribes that we can't see on the CC database. Would be nice to see these so that we can delete them from our inhouse database.
When updating my contacts list I get 23 errors for contacts that have previously unsubscribed. I cannot see who those 23 contacts are anymore since your upgrade...therefore I have no way of updating my master contact file that I use to import my contacts. I would like to be able to see who the errors are so that I do not continuously attempt to import them. This ability to see who is creating the errors was taken away with the recent upgrade to your website.
In trying to copy contacts from an existing list to a new list, the contacts from the first list were removed. I now cannot see where they went. There should at least be a confirmation-type button to click before taking this step.
I clicked on the Activity page and I see the indicator that contacts did not add to the list but I do not see information on why. This process was so much easier before the "upgrade"
I had a unsubscribe and I want to see who it was, but cannot view it when I click on it?
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