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Select the address type when importing contacts

Hello, we are business trying out your system.  We are finding that your headings in "Physical Addresses" are not labelled for business use.  

Status changed to: Gathering Information

Hi @SarahP574. Could you provide some more information on what you mean by the labels not being set up for business use? Are you filling out your business information under your account settings or the footer area when creating an email? Any examples are appreciated.


When you import contacts, you cannot select work address over home address therefore the business addresses are imported into "home" address and have to all be moved individually. 


The import is quite limiting over all, there are more fields that cannot be imported into. importing contacts.png

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Thank you for the clarification. The ability to specify address types isn't available during the upload process so we mark this feature request as Acknowledged. If we have updates to share regarding the status of the request, we'll share them here. 

Marketing Legend

I have been asking for this for years! It seems odd that with all the B2B companies that use Constant Contact, there isn't a feature to default a physical address as a WORK or BUSINESS address. When I upload, it defaults to HOME, when I enter manually, I enter WORK for addresses. If I then want to export a list, I have both HOME addresses for some (which I do NOT use at all in our B2B organization), and WORK addresses...and it's a mess!

Marketing Legend

If I export, for example, multiple lists of contacts equalling over 800, and now, in my spreadsheet, I have 3 -4 different "Street Address Line" columns, 3 - 4 different "City" columns, 3 - 4 different "State" columns, 3 - 4 different "Zip code" columns. If I want to data sort by state, city, zip code...I cannot - because I can only data sort one column. I have columns spanning across pages. This is so frustrating.

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