Set margins and page breaks for PDFs

I would like to be able to adjust the margins before downloading my ecampaign as a pdf.

I need to keep an archive PDF of my newsletters for customers who miss the email. The print feature really makes terrible pagination decisions--not allowing for margins, not keeping headlines with articles, allowing odd orphan lines. This really should be better. Please look into improving the print/save feature.
Could you please give the option to download the entire document as a pdf instead of separate pages? Also, I am wondering if you could offer the option to outline the entire newsletter, as a design feature. Right now I cannot put a nice outline around the entire newsletter as a way to pull it together and make it look cohesive. Thanks for your consideration.
July 17, 2021 We want to print our newsletter for marketing purposes and noticed that there are lines that divides the articles. We are asking you to correct this problem on newsletters and other campaigns. With your campaign templates, it should be design to move to the next page or let the creator of the document to know where to to and start. We have been a faithful customer with you since 2008 and have created many newsletters and other documents. Those campaigns needs to be corrected as well. We would appreciate you correct these concerns as soon as possible as we are about to create another newsletter the first week in August. Please let us know via email at You may contact my personal cell 240-461-7990 (Mary Greene). I spoke with two of your representatives today and understand that a request is being submitted. Thanks for your promptness with our request. Mary Greene

Hi Constant Contact Help Center and Community,

I know this question has been asked several times over the course of several years, but I have yet to see it be resolved with a solution or fix. I am hopeful that you have a fantastic tech team that is working on this task.


I am in a position to design campaigns that will be emailed out to members but I also need to print off  downloaded PDFs. The problem is that when the PDF is downloaded, there are no clean page breaks. An article, paragraph, or list can be chopped at the bottom of one page and continue on the next. For many in your community, a more professional look is wanted with a topic or story being started and finished on a single page. 


The only way I can achieve a clean printed copy, with each topic finishing on the page in which it begins, is to make a copy of a campaign, edit the content - changing text size, adding/deleting images, or moving about topics, etc., all so they fit on one page. Most of my campaigns are around six pages long. This process can take up to 10 copy and edits per campaign - a very tedious and time consuming process. 


If there were a way to visualize where the page breaks would fall during the creation of the campaign, you would make this Constant Contact consumer, and a lot others, very happy. 


Again, I am hoping you are tackling this process. 


Thank you very much, 

Monika Christensen


Still no response from Constant Contact staff?

Brand Visionary



Have you seen this option?


Its at least a way to see what it looks like as a pdf.


Hope this helps.



JAF, thank but that is not the problem. I know how to print a pdf, its the page breaks that are the problem. So if I snail mail the pdf to someone, they have to piece it together.

It would be beneficial and so much better to have the evite print on one sheet of paper instead of multiple pieces.
Hi There, There should be a way to eliminate the page breaks on longer documents. Scaling and changing orientation is not sufficient. I do hope you implement something a bit more flexible in the future. Thanks!
Constant Contact Partner
Hello, Thank you very much for making it easy to design newsletters. I have a few questions. 1. Can we get rid of the large blank space on both right and left sides when we download and print copies? 2. Is there a way we can format a newsletter to see easily how it will look whne it prints on paper. Right now, I have to keep switching between download and print function and edit function which takes hours for a single newsletter. If I could view how the edits would look on actual pages while I am in the edit function for a 6 page newsletter, it would become very easy to see where the lines cut off when printed and add spacers, make text modifications, move images, etc accordingly. This would save me time and money by not having to spend hours and keep printing drafts till I get the desired results. Please let me know. Thank you, Neeta
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