Show Re-Sends on Calendar view

It would be super helpful if Resends also appeared on the calendar. Thanks.

It would be great if the calendar also showed the re-sending to non-openers dates. Thanks, Diana
When a campaign has a resend to non openers scheduled the resend should be displayed on the calendar. IS there a feature for us to enable this. It is extremely difficult to track campaign resends without this.
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Hello @AdamC85 ,

Thanks for reaching out with this idea! I'm interested in learning more about what you are looking to do.
Are you looking for it to include resends and resends to non openers? Do you tend to create and schedule from the calendar or do you just like to see when they were sent in this format?

Campaign Collaborator

We send several different kinds of emails and many people subscribe to all the different kinds, so I try not to send out more than one (2 tops) email per day, but it's hard to keep track of when the resends to non-openers go out, so it would be nice if it showed up on the calendar. Also, someone else suggested color coding - scheduled, send, resend, etc. and that would be nice, too. It would also be great to drag and drop to reschedule, but I understand that might not be so easy. Thanks for following up. 


(PS it would also be nice to be able to drag and drop a social media post instead of having to start over if I realize it would be better on a different day. ) 

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Awesome ideas!

I will open this up for voting so other users like your self can vote and comment on this idea as well. Thank you for the additional information, it is greatly appreciated!




Can you make scheduled resends show up in the calendar view? Also, I searched for "how to cancel a resend" and could not find it. Can you make it a Q&A topic? Once Samuel at Customer Support helped me find it, I realized how much easier it should be to find and how a simple Q&A entry could have saved me the phone call. 

I would like to see when the resend to non-openers are scheduled to go out. We cannot see them on the Scheduled tab, nor can we see them on the calendar. It is very frustrating because we have to keep records elsewhere, when everything should be at-a-glance.

Love the calendar, but please include the reminder emails on the calendar. I like to see what my readers are receiving and not hit them with too many at once. 

I would love to have the option to show resend emails in the calendar view. Thanks!
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