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I have an account in the old format and one in the new format. The new format is horrible when it comes to Contact functionality. I now have to export lists and remove contacts from other lists manually when, in the old format I could just choose a contact list and then choose to remove everyone in that list from any other list I chose. Why would they remove this function??? I see nothing in the new format that is better.  Would prefer to have the option to stay with the old format.

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Hi @TracyB448. Thank you for this feedback. The Beta is still in progress and because of the feedback and requests that we get from those customers that are part of the testing, our teams are constantly making updates and improving navigation within Contacts, including the ability to manage list membership. I'll open this up for voting so other Beta users can provide feedback as well for this request. 

This BETA does not allow me to take a list of contacts and remove that entire list from another existing list. This is a functionality in the regular Contacts interface that we would like to continue having the ability to do. We use this functionality a lot.
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Along with Notes disappearing in CC's new updated Contacts, where did the ability to select multiple contacts to add them to multiple lists all at once go? This was a convenient, time-saving feature prior to this update. What would take one action before now takes many. Although you can select multiple contacts to add to a list, the option is only for one list from a selection / drop down of all lists. If you want to add contacts to 3 lists for instance, this has to be done 3 separate times! Not efficient. If there is a way to do this that I'm missing, please let the community know. Thanks!

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