Leap of Kindness Day: Inspiring Positive Change and Community Engagement


Leap of Kindness Day is an annual holiday organized by the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce, a community-driven organization that's been cultivating a vibrant community throughout Saratoga County since 1918. With a strong commitment to sustainability and fostering a healthy business climate, the Chamber leads the way in promoting constructive community action and creating an environment where everyone can thrive.


This special day encourages individuals, businesses, and organizations to take a leap and make a positive impact in their local communities. By participating in Leap of Kindness Day, communities can come together to create a positive ripple effect that extends far beyond a single day. From humble beginnings in 2016 to more than 200 chambers in the U.S., Canada, and Ireland getting in on the community action, Leap of Kindness Day continues to grow, and 2024 is no exception!


Screenshot 2024-02-12 102342.pngTo engage local businesses and organizations, nonprofits can utilize the promotional resources provided by the Chamber of Commerce. This includes a Leap of Kindness Day graphic that can be shared in physical stores, on websites, and across social media platforms. By sharing this graphic, nonprofits can raise awareness and encourage greater community participation.


Plus, our awesome team of designers have assembled a new template you can utilize for your Leap of Kindness Day communications. You'll find it in our template picker or by clicking here.


And it doesn't stop there! Visit the official event page for more information on Leap of Kindness Day and share your event activities to get participation from their community! The Saratoga Chamber of Commerce even has you covered with a map that highlights the various partners already engaged in Leap of Kindness activities.


Plus, don't miss out on the latest episode of the Be a Marketer podcast! Host Dave Charest sits down with Todd Shimkus, the president of the Saratoga County Chamber and creator of the movement.


Reply below to let us know how you plan to celebrate Leap of Kindness Day, then come back to share a picture of your kindness in the act!

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