What are some effective strategies to engage volunteers and build a strong volunteer community?


Volunteers are at the heart of non-profits. I want to hear from YOU! You guys are the experts. How do you get volunteers to engage? How do you keep them coming back? How do you ensure they have a good experience? 


I believe building a community is one of the best things you can do to create an impact. Volunteers are key leaders in making that community thrive. 


Shoutout to all our volunteers out there! 



Demonstrate appreciation and recognition towards your volunteers by regularly publicly acknowledging their efforts. Celebrate their achievements, impressive actions, and impact by throwing a celebration. Show your gratitude by sending a heartfelt message, a certificate, or a small token of appreciation on social media. We’d host annual recognition ceremonies, thanking volunteers and presenting them with a certificate of thanks. Foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among your volunteers by promoting teamwork and organizing social gatherings, team activities, or appreciation events.


Show consideration for volunteers' availability by being open to adjusting schedules and understanding their time commitments. Provide a range of volunteer options that align with various interests and abilities.


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Completely agree. For the nonprofit I volunteer with, most of them don't want or expect a large recognition. They're simply helping because they feel strongly about the cause. But that doesn't mean they should go unrecognized. We understood they were taking time out of their day to do physical labor or keep our events running smoothly. In our newsletter (we use Constant Contact!), I'd include a feature block with a photo of the volunteer, how long they've been with us, and any special projects they were involved with.


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
Campaign Collaborator
  1. Twice-monthly volunteer bulletin to share news, highlight various volunteer positions and celebrate birthdays: https://conta.cc/3XcMcXe
  2. Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner to recognize all volunteers, celebrate long-time volunteers and provide a small gift to all
  3. Celebrate National Volunteer Week annually with snacks, special recognition, and social media shout-outs
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I love the continued desire to recognize the importance of volunteers. This is great, thanks for sharing! 

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