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I'm disappointed in the new Survey results format. I am unable to print out individual survey responses, except to "Export Results" which gives me a very jumbled looking Excel file (csv), that prints in a very tiny space on letter sized paper due to the table style. This is poor design. If I attempt to File-Print the view of one individual survey response, I get a print preview that doesn't supply the entire survey, and yet provides me with a repeated page three times. This is nonsensical. Am I missing something?

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Hi @JenniferC0794. To clarify, are you looking to see how one respondent answered each question and export this information?

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No. I know how to do that. However, when I export all of the survey questions for one particular individual response, it gives me a csv file with a jumbled looking table, and it's very small upon printing it out. The excel file that it creates does not display in a very legible format.  I would rather open an individual survey, and print it out as displayed on screen. This doesn't seem like a possibility however. It doesn't print the entire survey - only what fits on one page. And it strangely lists the same page three times, as in, three pages (but with the same info on each one). It doesn't continue the rest of the survey questions onto the next page for printing.

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@JenniferC0794, thank you for clarifying. I'll open this idea up for voting and update if there are any changes to the reporting for survey pages. 

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