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I have tried calling support 4 times, waited over 30 mins, and still have not been in contact with anyone. I need to keep the lines open for customers.

- I have set up an automated email for new subscribers to receive a discount code. It is integrated with our WordPress, but is not sending out the email once they enter their email address. I have it set up for "immediate" sending. I have personally gone through the process of entering my non-business email and did not receive anything, but I did get an email on our business support email that a new subscriber has been added. 

Please advise, thank you!

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Hello @MarketerL74804 ,


If this is regarding a Welcome Email automation, are you explicitly using a sign up form created through us - either a landing page or coded form, or an integration form? Or are you using a form built outside of our system to collect and sync the contact info? 


For an automation that will trigger off of new list additions from any source, I'd recommend creating an advanced automation series (Plus feature). Otherwise, only sign up form additions to the specified list of a welcome email (or all lists if selected instead) will trigger it to send.


I did check the new subscriber welcome you have setup, and your most recent sign up addition was included in that, so I'd recommend checking how you're adding the contacts, as well as if the contact(s) that should have received the welcome weren't already in that list.

William A
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