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Our organization creates a weekly campaign eNewsletter. It is scheduled weekly to be emailed. We have created a link to this eNewsletter on our WiX website. Is there a method to automatically update the WiX link so that when our web users click on the link they get the most current eNewsletter (campaign) from Constant Contact?

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Hi @StJohnsClearwater,


I do not think there is a way to do this. If the Wix site is using the permanent URL of the campaign and you're updating it manually every time, there isn't a way to swap the links out automatically every time an email is sent. We do have an archive widget you could embed, but you would still need to manually select the campaign from within your Constant Contact account so that it will show up on your website.

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Thanks for your insight. Thoughts on an alternate solution?

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Hi @StJohnsClearwater. On our end, there isn't an alternative solution since this is the only automated feature we offer. If you have a featured area on your website that promotes the most recent newsletter, you would need to manually update the link. 


Caitlin M.
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