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Can Constant Contact track data if I add a PDF to the email?

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Hi there, I am planning to add a PDF to my Constant Contact email as a newsletter template. My question is whether Constant Contact can track data even if I create the email by adding a PDF instead of creating it from scratch or using HTML code. In addition, the PDF contains several links. As you may know, when users click any buttons in the PDF, it will redirect them to a new webpage that allows them to download the entire PDF document. Will this 'redirect action' impact data collection? Thank you in advance for your time and help.

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Hello @JacquelineD9 ,


PDFs aren't embeddable in emails, like other documents you upload they're only able to be hosted in your account library and linked to. Even if you insert the image version of the first page we generate during upload, or import each individual page converted to image format to insert into the email, the various links that would be in the PDF wouldn't function in the image format, the contacts would still need to go to the actual PDF to access those links. 


If you want click tracking for all those individual links, you'd need to recreate the PDF using the actual email builder, and add the same links as clickable elements in your email. 


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