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I was inspired by this post by Community user @ArnieS20 asking some content-related questions regarding SMS text messaging. I thought it would be good to expand on it and reiterate here about what a typical SMS text message would look like.


Of course, it’s always important to learn or refresh on what the guidelines are for using SMS marketing.


How long is an SMS message?


While technically an SMS message caps at 1950 characters, they are sent as individual 160-character messages and SMS users are billed based on each individual message, so the shorter the better!


Can I include a URL in my message?


Yes, you can but it counts towards your character limit. That said, links are automatically shortened to save space.


Can I include an image or video with my message?


You cannot include images and video in SMS messages at this time. You CAN include an emoji, but it will shorten the message length to a 70-character limit!


Check out some examples of SMS marketing messages broken out by industry!


Can I reply to messages we receive back?


No, you cannot. SMS marketing is designed to be one-directional. Recipients might be prompted with basic codes (e.g. YES or NO) and will receive responses based on what you provide when setting up the SMS message, but it’s automated.


Anything else I should know?


Yes! I recommend reviewing our SMS best practices guide so you can stay compliant and set up your content for success! Plus, here’s a video guide!



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