Contacts not moving down the queue in Automation email.

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There's an active Automation campaign in my account that is not sending contacts down the queue.

Essentially, we had a setback with this automation before, the first batch skipped a week due to it being added to the queue at the wrong time before the set custom delivery settings. We corrected the issue and the last three batches were added on a Wednesday morning to send immediately on, and then wait seven days to send the other emails down the queue, on Thursday morning.

So, logically, the second and third steps should have sent emails since there were added on Nov 16 and Nov 23, and I don't see any sends on December 1st. The last sends for all emails are stuck on November 24.

Can you help with this?

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Hello @LingX8 ,

At this point, based on your setup, I'd advise calling in so we can perform live troubleshooting for your automation series and its various step queues.

William A
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