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Events registration - multiple guests per ticket

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My group hosts a lot of events with Tables of 10 as a ticket option. In the old event registration version, we could add options for the primary ticket holder and 9 additional people with the purchase of the Table ticket, but that doesn't seem to be an option anymore. We have been adding free "Guest" tickets and adding a note to please select 9 guest tickets with the order of a table ticket, but it has not gone well so far. Many people have not understood and forgotten to add the guests, and if they get added later or the guests register themselves, it is not linked to the initial ticket holder, making our registration very complicated on the back end. Is the capability of having multiple registrants on one ticket type going to be added to this version of the events registration? If not, or in the meantime, is there a better way to try to collect the information other than offering free tickets for guests of the paid Table ticket and adding as many notes as possible to make it clear? Thanks!

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Hello @user415184 ,


I'd recommend following along with this article when setting up your large-group registration and tickets for the event. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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Thanks William_A. I saw that article, but it still doesn't address the situation my group faces regularly. We want to have a ticket type that automatically includes more than one person. For instance, a table of 10 at a luncheon or a foursome at a golf tournament. We've been setting it up as a Table ticket and then asking people to sign up 9 additional Table Guests, but when people sign up as guests, they are not linked to the specific Table ticket, and if the user only signs up for the Table ticket and does not fill in the Guest tickets, we don't get an accurate headcount for the event. And if people then go back in later to register the Guests, it is not clear which table they are part of. I am curious if Constant Contact is able to add a ticket type that automatically includes multiple people instead of asking our registrants to register multiple tickets.

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