Horizontal spacer issues - color choice, reposition, popup menu problems

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Is anyone else having problems with inserting and editing horizontal spacers in their newsletters? My spacers insert just fine (usually!). But the sidebar popup menu that lets me change their fill color or reposition them is twitchy. The popup menu appears briefly but won't let me grab it to adjust color. The main (centered) popup menu to let me adjust the height of the spacer is working fine. If I grab a spacer and drag it to a new position in the newsletter, the custom color disappears and the spacer reverts to white. Then I can't adjust the color because of the twitchy sidebar popup menu. It's frustrating. I've tried logging and and logging out of ConCon. It doesn't help. Any ideas? Thanks for your suggestions!

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Hello @VictoriaL70 ,


I'm not able to recreate your described issue, however there's a couple possible things that could cause this kind of behavior, based on prior support threads and requests I've dealt with.


The first would be just general connectivity-based. If an email is particularly long and content-packed, it could cause lag from bandwidth overload that could result in unpredictable behavior. Another source of connectivity issues includes interference from an ad/pop-up blocker, VPN, or other security software erroneously trying to block elements from our site from functioning as intended. Incompatible browser extensions, as well as problematic caching or cookies that need to be cleared can also cause site issues. Temporarily disabling these tools, and then refreshing our site can help narrow down the source of the issues. Testing to see if the issue occurs on other browsers, in Incognito/Private mode, on other devices, or even other networks can also help narrow down the source of the problem.


I'd recommend going through our article on connectivity troubleshooting, or checking our Community Connectivity Troubleshooting FAQ


The second would be caused by the campaign being too many generations of copied-copies deep. When an email is copied, certain bits of background coding can build up, and each subsequent copy of a copied email will just build this in perpetuity. Enough built-up junk coding and erratic behavior with the builder can start to also occur - visually in previews / test sends or with the builder itself. This happens regardless of email editor and program, just by nature of how these systems work, though there are background functionalities in our system to mitigate the frequency of erroneous coding build up. Copying from an earlier-built or more direct source (like a reusable template) can assist with avoiding the junk coding build-up that can occur from copying copies-of-copies. 


To test if this might be the cause of your issues, I'd advise testing by creating a brand new email from scratch, and seeing if the toolbar and formatting issues also occur in that newer template. If they do, then your issue is more likely to be connectivity-based, if not, then it's likely tied to the specific email / template you're working with.


If none of those alleviate the issues, please call our general support number so they can continue troubleshooting with you live.


William A
Community & Social Media Support
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