How can I remove a link inserted in an image after an email has been sent?

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Can i remove a link inserted in an image after an email has been sent?

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Hello @CNG ,


You can't - once an email has been sent, it can't be recalled. The only real option would be to copy the email, make the edits you need to, and send it back out as a correction.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
Constant Contact Partner
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At the moment all inserted images are changing the cursor to look like a hyper link is available but only two of 5 images have actual links. How do I change this so the images without links don't affect the cursor on roll-over?

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Hi @SpencerR71 - Good question. Can I assume you're seeing this behavior in the sent version of the email when you send a test to your inbox? There unfortunately isn't a way to change the hover behavior on our end because it is being changed by the email client. Gmail for example, turns all images into something clickable to open up images in their image viewer even if there aren't links associated. The same email can be sent to and only the linked images will show the hand icon when hovered. 

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