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Hello! My name is Amy Lacombe and I have been making Whimsical ceramics since the mid80s. My business has gone through several iterations but I am very grateful to have been able to make a living playing with clay for these many decades. My line is called WhimsiClay, and for the past number of years the most popular item has been my cat figurines with wire whiskers that have balls on the ends. (although in reality I am more of a dog person, I have four rescue dogs. My cat passed away last year at age 18. I am definitely an animal lover, I don't even eat them:-) I have been on Constant Contact for several years but my last several campaigns have produced no sales whatsoever 😞 I have tried to cancel my membership at each time I am lured back in by the seduction of a low price LOL. I am open to any suggestions on how to get more out of Constant Contact. My last interaction with support mentioned getting coaching but unfortunately I never received the email about that Wishing everybody a happy 2024 and may all of our businesses flourish!
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Welcome to the community @AmyL062. I appreciate you introducing yourself, especially as a fellow animal lover like myself. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your cat 😞. Have you checked out our new customer/success hub. I see you have been using Constant Contact for several years now, but there's some excellent resources on optimizing your marketing. 

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