Looking to have transition customers from a welcome series to main email list

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Hi all, I am looking to start a Welcome Series for my email subscribers that lasts for about two weeks with 4 emails total just explaining who we are and what we look for in the products we sell, stuff like that. I'm trying to avoid a situation where my promotional emails are going out at the same time as my welcome series. Does any one have suggestions on how we might be able to do that? Is the best option I have to add/remove from a "Welcome Series" list to the "Main Email Subscriber" list? I'd love to hear some suggestions because if I have to manually do that, there is a higher percentage of error on my part (i.e. I forget to switch people to the main email list.
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Hi @MattY66,


Just for clarification, you don't want Welcome Series contacts to receive the promotional emails at all until they've completed the Welcome Series or you just don't want them to receive them at the exact same time they might receive one of the Welcome Series emails? I'm assuming it's the former, but please correct me.


You could utilize click segmentation in the last email in the series by setting up a trigger, like a button, that when they click on it, it automatically puts them on the assigned list (in this case it would be the Main Email Subscriber list). Of course, if they don't click on the button, then they would stay where they are.


There is not currently a feature where the contacts would automatically transition from a welcome series list into another list, but we are tracking feedback for this feature and I'll add your account to the chorus.


I suppose you could also create a tag for any contact that joins  the Welcome Series list, that are also on the main email list, and when you go to schedule your normal promotional emails, you could exclude by tag. But you'd still have to remember to remove the tag or from the Welcome Series list when they're done with it. If I think of any other fancy workarounds, I'll follow up!



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