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Hi Team,


no longer works for our company and I need her email taken off the account and the email to be the new master owner. Thank you!

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Hello @mgunnels ,


Please do not post sensitive name and account info in our public forum (see Community Guidelines and Terms).


Your account owner will need to make the changes to your account's ownership setup prior to leaving. If they're no longer available, and you (or your organization in general) has access to their email address, you can go about resetting their MFA and logging in as them to make the changes.


If you cannot access their email address to reset the MFA, then we'd need you to call general support to answer any potential security questions live and provide info for an account ownership transfer. Once the info is collected, the phone agent will send the case over to their team lead for follow-ups.


For more info on what may need updating once you have access to the account owner profile, or for what the account owner needs to do prior to leaving, please see our main article on account ownership transfers

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