No Click-Through Distribution on Resend

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Looking at a recent send, I see that I had 111 clicks on the resend, but when I check the Click-Through Distribution on the resend, I have no data. The data for the initial send is all there and fairly consistent with expected results but nothing for the resend to non-openers. It has been 11 days from the initial send and 5 from the resend, so I expect data. I have never encountered this before and certainly be asked about it by my higher ups so is there a reason for this or just "it happens"?

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Hello @JenniferS93737 ,


We've seen this pop up sporadically with some campaigns that are several generations of copied-copies. The workaround if this occurs would be to click the number for the Resend clicks, then on that drilldown page select Clicks at the top, and then swap over to Links. 

William A
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