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I've noticed over the past few weeks, a random gray line will appear on the email template after distributing. At first I thought it was where the page break was, but it's random each time. This line isn't there when I'm building out the template and only appears after it's been sent out. Attached is an example of two separate occasions.


Screenshot 2024-05-29 094032.png




Screenshot 2024-05-29 094025.png



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Hello @CFP ,


If it's random each time, it sounds like it's the email program mistakenly displaying it. Is it the same color as your outer background?


We've received sporadic reports of this occurring in Outlook programs in particular over the years, and is unfortunately a widespread bug with Microsoft Outlook that affects all ESP emails, including those sent through our system. There are currently no legitimate workarounds for this issue, however, it only seems to affect certain Outlook versions. Microsoft is aware of the issue, and we're closely watching for fixes that are made available. If any are made available, we will take advantage of them. The primary issue is that the lines are random, the next test or live send, they could end up in different positions or disappear entirely.

That said, there are a couple potential workarounds you could try:

  • Changing the color of your inner background to match the outer background. This way if the lines still try to appear, they'll still be the exact same color and won't be seen.
  • Drag a block like a divider next to the affected block to create a column layout. Add all the affected blocks to one column. Delete the block/divider in the other column, so that the content is back to one column. We've seen this workaround have some success, but nothing is guaranteed due to the sporadic nature of the glitch.

For more info on common display issues in different email programs, such as with color and text formatting, I'd recommend taking a look at this post

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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Thank you for the tips! Yes it's random each time and it's a light gray line (same color as the outside background color, but we want the inner color to remain white). It started doing this a few weeks ago but is sporadic still. Thanks!

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