Re: Adjust timing before "Are you still working?" message pops up

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Super honest question in search of an honest answer regarding THIS FEATURE REQUEST FOR LOGOUT TIMES:

Why doesn't the CC mobile app follow the same stringent login security rules

That is to say, why is it my mobile device -- which, arguably, is much more prone to getting lost and falling into the wrong hands -- can login repeatedly for days on end, without needing so much as a fingerprint 🧐

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Hello @Bootyful-Boudoir ,


I don't know about your device's particular setup, but I have to login to the mobile app after I fully close it out (not just swiping away from it but actually fully-closing) each time. MFA has a set time period before it will try to ask again, unless you're regularly clearing the app's cookies. Beyond all that, apps by their very nature operate differently from websites; the "are you still there?" messaging is just how the site functions differently from the app.

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@William_A be that as it may, respectfully, it's still an apples to oranges comparison.  "Fully closing" out an app is the desktop equivalent to logging out and closing your browser.  It takes a deliberate, conscious action to perform.

And if you don't do that, what happens after many hours have gone by on your phone, as opposed to 15 minutes on desktop? 
What if:  I'm checking my CC app on my phone while commuting on public transit and accidentally leave it behind on the seat -- perhaps without locking my device?  Does this not open a hypothetical doomsday scenario that you're ostensibly trying to guard against??

And fwiw: I totally rolled my eyes that I had to once AGAIN log in to write this reply on my laptop, but when I click the notification in my email from my phone, it took me straightaway to this post, hassle-free.  That's quite a glaring inconsistency with your site policy.  Who's in charge of CC website security?  Perhaps they need to be notified 😏🙃

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