Read More Block Jumps

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For some reason, any time I do anything with a read more block, the screen jumps down to the bottom of the emails. This has happened on multiple browsers (Chrome/Edge). How can I prevent this from happening? For clarity, this happens when I edit a read more block, add a fresh one. Merely the click of any of these blocks, sends the edit screen to the bottom of the email. Heres a video of me doing some of these actions:

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FYI at the end of the video you'll see me clicking on individual linked images, that do not do a full jump after clicking, but do mini jumps

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Hello @creeksidecomm ,


This is a known issue for the dev, so I've tracked the issue to your account. If and when there's an update, they'll notify you directly. In the meantime, there isn't really a workaround or prevention for this if you're editing a Read More block in your email campaigns.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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