Responses from emails not in my contact list

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I just started using Constant Contact and so far so good, but there is a weird glitch that I can't figure out.


When I send a campaign, I get an autoresponse from a company that is not on my contact list.  I tried to use the chat help desk but they said it is likely someone's autoresponse to a forwarded email from one of my contacts. But this doesn't check, since the autoresponse would have gone to the person who forwarded the email. Also, the subject line doesn't include any FWD or RE designations.


Has anyone had this happen? If so, were you able to stop it from happening?


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Hello @SarahN176 ,


Are any of your contacts role addresses - president@, info@, support@, admin@, etc.? These tend to have auto-forwards setup to go to different personal addresses or other internal addresses for an organization. Additionally, if a contact that's part of an organization has since left that organization, their address can sometimes be setup to automatically go to other addresses, without being technically "forwarded." For example, when my work address got changed, emails to that original address go to my current work address without any FW: or RE: setups. Does the autoreply's domain match any of your contacts' domains?


Also keep in mind that some organizations use external programs for their autoreplies. For example, when there's a subscription update to an older thread here in the Community, there can be some general "undeliverable" email replies that come from the system reporting the bounce, rather than the domain or individual that was sent to.


Based on what you're describing, it does sound like what the agent described, but our higher level technical team was wanting the email so they could look into it further to confirm. I'd advise either forwarding the autoreply to communitysupport(at)constantcontact(dot)com with a reference to this thread, or calling in and providing that autoreply.

William A
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