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I am trying to upload my contact list with the consent date and time.  I am using Google Sheets to gather contact information and can't get the format in a form that can be uploaded.  The form I have is  .  I've tried using the format command in Sheets but can't get it in an acceptable format. Any help is appreciated.

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Hello @Miracleleaguejc ,


If Google Sheets can't give you the consent dates in a proper CSV / XLS type format, then you'll likely need to manually add those into a spreadsheet program so it can be uploaded. Otherwise, I'd advise reaching out to Google's support to see if there's a more streamlines or viable way of getting this info into an applicable spreadsheet format.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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Way too many lines to manually change. I did find a solution that worked. I created a new column beside the google sheets column containing the consent date.  In the first cell of the new column I entered the following command to convert the date information to text information in the proper format. =TEXT ( $B2, "yyyy-m-dd" ). I then just copied down the column by clicking and dragging the formula down the column.  I successfully uploaded the CSV file once that was done.  Thanks.

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