Salesforce integration deleting my list between 11am and 2pm

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The Salesforce integration is deleting my list between 11am and 2pm local time, to "overwrite" with updated contacts.


How can I get this to run at a different time? For 2-3 hours, in the middle of my work day when I'm trying to schedule emails, I can't because my list has been "deleted" is not available as an option to send to.

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Hello @ams-cyancey ,


If you've scheduled the Salesforce integration to resync your contacts at that time, then you'd need to change the sync schedule. Go to the integrations tab, select the Salesforce integration box, and select the "Edit" option on its three-dot menu. From there you can change the frequency of the sync. The time that it syncs will be based on the time you submit this frequency.


For example, if you submit at 1:37pm for your account to sync daily, then it will resync every day at that time. If you make the change at 10:19pm on a Monday to be weekly, then every Monday at 10:19pm it will resync. 


If you need assistance troubleshooting the integration, I'd recommend calling general support and requesting a transfer to the Tier 2 integrations support team. 


For other general info regarding the Salesforce integration, make sure to check out this article

William A
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