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During an email build, while typing within certain text fields (image alt text, Send Test personal note) the cursor randomly disappears and no more text can be entered until I manually place the cursor back into the field. In both Chrome and Edge.
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Same problem here! I thought I was going crazy, and CC support was telling me it was just my machine. Thank you for your post. Let's see if we can get a fix.

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Hello @ThomasB ,


I'm not able to recreate the issue when testing in my account or yours, which is indicating something more localized. Even if it's affecting other customers, this is indicating something specifically on those browsers or devices that would be causing the issue.


I'd advise going through standard connectivity troubleshooting to narrow down the source of the issue. It may be an out-of-date browser, a glitched cookie that needs to be cleared, an incompatible browser extension, or interference from security apps (VPNs, ad/pop-up blockers, etc.) erroneously detecting something as simple as a text block to type in as being incompatible. 


If you're unable to narrow down the source of your issue on your own, I'd advise calling general support for live troubleshooting and if necessary, screensharing your Constant Contact browser tab.


See also:

Connectivity Troubleshooting FAQ

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