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I have found that I can't underline capital letters in a CC email. They will underline in my draft but not appear in the email that is sent out. (It's been this way for a long time....maybe since the new editor.) I occasionally have a need to do this with transliterations of Hebrew in place of the dot that is placed under some letters. Any thoughts/ideas?

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Hello @AmyD19027 ,


Is this only happening for Hebrew text, or is it happening only with the Latin text? Or both?


Does the font type affect how it displays in your email at all, or is your email program changing the font type when received because the editor version isn't a web-safe or email-safe option it has access to?


Is the lack of underline on the capital letters specifically, occurring in multiple email programs/apps you have access to, or just one in particular?

William A
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Of course, when I tested it right now, it's working! I'll get back to you if it crops up again! Thanks for your quick response.

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