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What's a landing page for?


We're new to Constant Contact, and I am going to use it to create event registration pages for a regularly scheduled training we host. Do we need to also have a landing page in addition to the event registration page and the calendar. If so, what's the purpose of the landing page? Thanks!


Hello @user399038 ,


The purpose of the landing page is to provide additional information regarding the event, that wouldn't really be able to fit within a singular email invitation. This can include details about the event's activities, location, guest speakers, required training materials, etc.


If you don't wish to utilize a landing page for your event, it's not necessary to include and can be deactivated:


deactivate ELP.png


For more info regarding event landing pages, their purpose and how to manage them, make sure to check out our main article on the topic.


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I like having the landing page because some marketing goes straight to the registration page, and some marketing would actually do better sending people to the landing page as their first stop (ie: social media posts).

Aaron Wesley Means

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