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I set up a campaign and the message came out clearly on my desktop but on the mobile version the text was not kept together and one of the words was broken with half on one line and the rest on the next line. 

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Hello @SaraB8226 ,


I'm moving this post over to our Questions & Discussions board, since it fits a bit more with our general support.


When I test sent your latest emails to myself, they all came through in the mobile Gmail app without the justified partial cutoff for longer words.


I'm wondering if there's a specific setting in your email app, or if it's something that one particular email app is doing to the emails - where if the words are long enough or the font is large enough, it will do that partial cutoff. Are you able to recreate the issue in other email apps, or just yours in particular? Does it also occur with the mobile browser version (if you have applicable)?

William A
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